Asian Massage in London


Asian massage London conforms to the general theory of Asian massage according to which the pampering massaging by therapist excellently versed in the art enables the customer to achieve a sense of balance and harmony. You can enjoy the pleasure of two types of massage, tui na and zhi na, as well as Thai massage London.

Tui na is a type of Asian massage London in which the massaging techniques are applied to stretch and push the muscles, knead them to increase the blood flow to areas that can be in need of healing. You will learn that the tui na massaging techniques bear a relationship to acupuncture and to herbal remedy, two methods that greatly assist healing, so if your have joint or muscle pain, arthritis, or diabetes, you will love the effect of Thai massage London.

By choosing zhi ya, you will benefit from the massaging effect similar to acupressure which is effective for pain relief and muscle stress easing. The difference specific to this type of Asian massage London is that the massaging is effected by pinching and pressure, not by kneading. The massage focuses on body pressure points, to provide blood flow to certain body areas.