The masseuses at Sensual Senses are an elite team of magic ladies. Extensive study into the theory and practice of long years of erotic massage has given them a deep appreciation for all the benefits it can bring. They are absolutely capable and know the way how to launch you into the world of pleasure.

When a Sensual Senses masseuse arrives at your door you’ll be greeted by so much more than a pretty face and glamorous body… you will be inviting someone in who takes great pride in their craft. A talented temptress with agile magic fingers who knows a thousand and one ways to bring you the greatest satisfaction in your life.

Veronika: incall£150/outcall£250

Stella: incall£150/outcall£250

Fernanda: incall£150/outcall£250

Jade: incall£150/outcall£250

Amy: incall£250/outcall£250

Belle: incall£150/outcall£250

Leiny: incall£200/outcall£250

Paula: incall£150/outcall£250